Sunday, 12 April 2009

He is risen! Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! At our Church we decorate our cross with daffodils. Looks beautiful.

The flowers all over the Church are just glorious- we have some talented florists!

Here are the three most loved people in my life at Church with me. OH, teenager and wonderful mum. After Church we went for a lovely Sunday lunch in a local hotel ' The Hideaway'.

Grandma and teenager......

Mum and teenager- two more days before he goes to Oz.........I am being brave.

I love Easter and we have had such a happy time the last few days.


Janet said...

Your son looks so much like you. If you lose much more weight you'll look like his sister. I kid you not.

Lakeland Jo said...

Janet-that's the loveliest thing anyone has said to me since I lost all my weight- thanks. Thrilled of Windermere

karengberger said...

Beautiful family photos. How nice to see you together.