Sunday, 19 April 2009

Weekend in London

We are having a wonderful time. After dinner at Tom Aitken on Friday ( divine) and another wonderful dinner at Matsuri on Saturday ( strictly avoiding carbs mind you !) we can confirm that all is going very well down here in the Smoke.
On Friday, Other Half won an award for sharing knowledge across a business network, and the business won an award for performance. We were in very good spirits. We got a lovely bottle on champagne which we put in the hotel on arrival. The room we booked wasn't ready ( this happened to me last week) so we were upgraded ( hurrah- but why does this never happen to me on airlines?) and have got a lovely big room on the eleventh floor overlooking the Millenium Eye and Big Ben.

The hotel in Knightsbridge is within strolling distance of Harrods, and spitting distance from Harvey Nichols. This is why I chose it- lots of looking in the shops.
So far I have bought a pair of jeans, two tops ( Monsoon- yes I finally fit into their clothes ), one pair of shoes, a handbag and matching wallets............. just as well I am back to work today.
I had to laugh yesterday though. I was wandering around in Harvey Nichols in the lingerie department looking at the lingerie. Elle McPherson's Intimates range, to be precise. She is a model with the nickname 'The Body'. A very small body by the look of it.
As I browsed through the range a song came on called 'I need a miracle'. Do you know it? I burst out laughing. I would certainly need a miracle to fit into any of that stuff!! At least another five stone to get into the largest size.
And just WHO is small enough to fit into the designer ranges? Who are they? Have you ever seen anyone buying any of these flimsy tiny things worth hundreds of pounds? I think I know two people small enough to wear those clothes out of about ten thousand I have met!! I would love to be very slim, but I honestly don't think I would like to be that thin.

I have been pretty good on my diet. We have walked a lot, and I have avoided sweet and sticky food, and carbs. Main sin has been lovely wine and a Brandy Alexander at the fabulous Mandarin Oriental Cocktail bar last night.....

Yes- it's been great!


Nota Bene said...

London...what a great city to visit, but it's a bit full on to be here all the time!

karengberger said...

It sounds heavenly, to me! Lots to do, see, eat and drink...with time to enjoy and savor, not to rush. Wonderful!