Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Personal comments about my trousers

I never thought I would be happy about negative remarks about my clothes.
But today it has been really good.
Four different, unrelated people in different places told me my trousers are far too big.
I will recycle them. Size sixteen M and S jeans- too big. Baggy. Saggy.
They have been packed away in the no way too small pile for years AND NOW THEY ARE TOO DAMNED BIG.


Pam said...

Fab!!! Good on you.
Can I have them?
My attempt has gone belly-up - said as I'm drinking wine and remembering my bacon butty this morning :-)

Janet said...

I just read Pam's comment and had to smile, it sounded like she was having wine with her brekkers.

My trousers only ever look like they're falling off because the elastic waistband has given up the ghost. :-)