Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Wednesday - it must be Hawick?

In the last week it has been trains, planes and automobiles. Planes last Wednesday, then trains and automobiles on Thursday. Taxis on Friday, Saturday and Sunday ( and feet too- lots of walking). On Monday it was the bus, today it was the tube and Docklands light railway, the Virgin Pendalino and the car.

We started the morning by going to a Human Resources and Training exhibition at Excel in London. Apparently this is where the G20 summit was held recently. We came back from London to Birmingham on the train, and I drove the rest of the way home to the lovely Lakes from there.

I love London- for shopping and a treat. But it is too damned busy and crowded for more than a few days. And how people commute day in, and day out I will never know. I admire their determination. I went to university in London, and lived and worked there for a few years. I don't miss it but I am glad I have done it. I appreciate my life in the country so much more because of it.

I left other half in Birmingham- bless him. He is working there until Thursday. I have got back in, unpacked and washing machine has never stopped. Everything put away, hung up and tidy. All my new skinny tops ( well skinny for me anyway) hanging pride of place in the wardrobe.

And now, I am packing to go away til Friday. Off to Hawick on the Scottish Borders for lunch with a good mate, and a meeting. Then off to Darlington for work for a couple of days. Back on Friday. Need to pay for all the extravagances! Will see a couple of colleagues over there who are also good friends. We will have a great laugh.

It's all go this week. I am looking forward to the weekend and a quieter week next week. I am glad it is busy this week- taking my mind of my travelling son. I miss him a lot.

PS- teenager off on a school trip to Melbourne city centre on a school trip tomorrow.... he likes the school he is at. He describes it as 'laid back' !! He has played Aussie Rules football and has been cross country running. It's all go over there. Sounds wonderful.


karengberger said...

This is wonderful; you sound as if you have a good plan to ease into adjusting to the (temporarily) quieter household. So good of you to include a report on the teen for us with your own news! Will he send pictures, as well? It must be thrilling for him to be there.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Wow! What a life you lead. I can appreciate the need for next week's slowdown, however. What a great opportunity for your son.

Expat mum said...

Did you manage to pop into "the shops" at all?

Jess said...

glad your son is doing so well...

hope this week goes quickly and that you get rest and relaxation soon!!!

Lots of love

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

can you believe it a school trip to AUs???