Sunday, 5 April 2009

no longer my own disciple

I am no longer following myself folks and thanks for all the technical advice- it worked. Problem is I now only have thirty two followers again instead of thirty three ... anyone like to oblige?
Maybe those of you who read blogs but don't yet have your own blog yet? Why not get inspired and join our happy throng of mates in cyberspace? You won't regret it!!

Have been very busy. Visiting family in North East, spending time at St James' Park with teenager welcoming Alan Shearer as new Toon Army manager ( poor misguided soul) and watching NUFC losing two nil to Chelsea on Saturday afternoon ( why was anyone really surprised at this?).

Today I read twice at Church. A new testament reading, and Psalms. At one point I was threatened with singing a refrain ( laudate dominum etc) but the congregation was very happily spared. It was in latin as well- what a treat that would have been. It's Palm Sunday today too so we had a hosanna procession around the Church- very jolly.

I also did about six laps of walk and jog around the local park with mum- lots of fresh air, daffodils and blue skies. Very virtuous. Hoping for another two pounds off at weigh in. Collective prayers from you all please. Mum bought me some lovely beads for losing three stone. I will wear them with pride tomorrow. All the treats are a great incentive.

Got the car washed ( it was foul), filled up with petrol, did a supermarket shop and packed ready for two days away on business in the North East tomorrow. It will be good to chill out in that lovely hotel room,and to have a swim in the pool.

Y'all have a wonderful week.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Sounds like a happy sunday....lots of chores done.

pamokc said...

Hi Jo! I have to tell you how refreshing it is to see that you are doing the readings in church. I do them on occasion. And everyone says religion is dead in the UK and I always argue otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Have gained nearly a stone since coming home (parents feed me too many normal square meals!).. and am appreciating more and more the hard work of losing. Well done and good luck! When I'm back in the area we might have to start meeting for salads instead. but the chat will be just as good, I promise. x

A Brit in Tennessee said...

How 'bout that ...I'm number 33 ;)
I thought I was already listed as a follower, ummh, now I need to check my own blog !