Sunday, 12 April 2009

Son Rise Service on Adelaide Hill

Where was I at six o clock this morning? Up on Adelaide's Hill in Windermere at the 'son rise' service. It is an Easter service run by local Churchs. Here are the views from our service.

I went with my friend Ann. We were really impressed with ourselves! As you can see it was worth getting up at such an early hour. It was freezing cold, but the scenery was fabulous.
After a hot cup of coffee I was back in bed again by half seven, warming my freezing cold feet up on an unimpressed other half.
We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.


Clippy Mat said...

lovely pics Jo and you are so truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place. :-)

Janet said...

Beautiful photos, Jo, certainly worth the early start. Though I'm not surprised you went back to bed afterwards.

MikeH said...

Even I would get up for sunrise service if I could enjoy that view. Stunning! Hope youe dressed warm.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Yes, so fortunate indeed !
I used to go to Lake Windermere, quite often as a young girl, with my gran on the coach trip day out excursions.
I always wanted to live there, and used to thing that people who did, were the luckiest people on earth.
Condiser yourself one of 'em ;)
Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving such lovely comments.

karengberger said...

It is a GORGEOUS place, and I am so glad that you are wise enough to realize and enjoy it. Lots of people go through life with blinders on, and they miss those gifts. Please keep posting photos, so those of us who can't visit England right now can continue to see its great wealth of beauty.