Tuesday, 14 April 2009

support needed- please contribute generously

Tomorrow teenager flies out to Melbourne Australia for ten weeks. Even though my geography isn't the greatest I know that is a long way from here. 10550 mile to be precise.
He is so excited and the people he is staying with sound wonderful. Teenager is already in touch with their son who is going to school with over there- he will be there for a whole term.
What an experience. The furthest we got with school was a geography school trip to the beach or a day out at the local museum.
It is such a fabulous opportunity for him- I can hardly take it in. He is going to Sydney while he is there too. WOW!
His case is packed. His paperwork is done. The airline have been called to confirm his status as an unaccompanied minor ( he is chaperoned all the way through the process including a stop over in Dubai- for my nerves- not his!).
He goes all on his own. It's part of the adventure. He is completely up for the challenge. It's an opportunity offered by his school as part of their international strategy.
So- I am like a rabbit in headlights. I can't think straight. Like my brain is frozen in ice. I can't even decide if I want tea or coffee. I am just numb.
Tomorrow at eleven he checks in at Manchester airport and that's it. The bird will fly. Mum will be left in the nest with dad. We will just be staring at each other. What happened to that baby boy? Where did the time go?


Mum, dad and Grandma will be fine. Really! X


Robert said...

What an incredible opportunity for your son! But what serious empty nest syndrome you're going to suffer for a few months :( At least international communication is cheap & easy now, especially if there is a webcam nearby.

Just think - you get to practice using the Wii fit more than usual, and you will be able to rival the teenager's fitness when he returns!

Btw, was in Windermere last week - pretty good weather - a bit too full of tourists for my (selfish) taste - but still the superb beauty of the area shines through!

Debbie said...

And just keep telling yourself that!
You are a great mom to support him and let him go. But wow, it must be so difficult.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I would also be flipping out!
He will have such a wonderful life changing experience. you are good parents for letting him attend!!!

Pam said...

Oh, you brave woman! I know it's a great opportunity but I'm having palpitations for you. You once said that you raised an independent boy that loved to travel. I can only hope to do the same. Good luck tomorrow.

karengberger said...

You and your husband are very generous and unselfish, to support your teenager as he goes out into the world in this way. We agree that it is an opportunity beyond price, and that it will bless him greatly. Our teen just did two short trips with school, and grew tremendously; he also had a wonderful time. I am sure your teen will, too. Do you get to go visit him?
Thank goodness for email, chat, SKYPE and phones. You will still be able to feel connected to him.
God bless him, you and the family he is visiting. Traveling Mercies!

Granny on the Web said...

I'll be thinking of you Jo tomorrow, it's not easy loosening the apron strings, especially as he is just One. Once you get over the first few days the time will surely rush past till he is home again. Will you have chance to Skype to him at the other family's home?
Mine left on adventures one by one, and the fifth one decided to tour South East Asia and we never heard from him in 5 months!!! His excuse was there are no phones in the jungle... he had a whale of a time though. He is now 40 with two children. He is a better person I am sure for all the experiences he found his way through.
Love Granny

Expat mum said...

Come on - deep breaths. You know he will be FINE!!! And he'll have a great time too.

Lakeland Jo said...

folks- thanks for all your good wishes and kindness. It really makes a difference, especially making me feel better about letting him go. I know its the right thing to do.....

david mcmahon said...

Hi Jo,

Just saw your comment. Your son will enjoy Melbourne. Yes, the weather can change every ten minutes, but the people are warm-hearted and genuine.

Jan said...

I'm sure you're in for a sleepless night, and some tearful goodbyes tomorrow at the airport. But just maintain the courage of your convictions, Jo. You know he's going to be just fine, and he will be. Like you, I only wish I had had such an opportunity.

Congrats on reaching the 3 stone mark - you're amazing.

Cathy said...

Hello Jo
I am so sorry - I have just realised I never got back to you about the weather here in Melbourne. I imagine you have been reassured we aren't suffering the ghastly heat of the past summer. Going to be cool this week about 16c today and then about 20c for rest of week
He will be comfortable I'm sure - just like home in fact lol

It is hard when they first leave, as mentioned modern technology will cut into that gap, I'm sure those few months will fly bye and then you'll wonder if he ever went away, wait till he encounters Aussie Rules and listen to the tales he'll tell. Is he schooling in the city or down in Geelong?

Take care

Ps congrats on the weight loss, you’ve worked hard and deserve it J

Midlife Jobhunter said...


Now that's coming from a great mom!