Friday, 29 May 2009


Went to Alcatraz island today. It was fascinating. Got a ferry from Pier 33 and it took about fifteen minutes. Did an audio tour round the island, looked at the prison and the wildlife, and the amazing views. Saw the Golden Gate Bridge. What a moment!
It is cold and windy at times, with the odd blast of sunshine. I was very glad of my new SFC fleece: I see lots of people wearing them. Obviously lots of people get 'caught out' with the weather.
We met up with the Travelling Typhoon and went for an all you can eat dim sum and chinese food buffet in China Town. It was $5.99 and packed. That included green tea and soup. It was great.
We then went to the Grace Cathedral. It was brilliant. I loved it. I walked the labrinyth.
We got a trolley bus and a tram, and saw all the famous hills. We also saw all the wonderful hotels up that way too. We went into the Fairmont. It was beautiful.
Tonight other half and I are going to a fish restaurant near here ( I forget the name but I will blog about it tomorrow). It is at Ghiradelli square near the hotel. We went there last night for a drink and the menu looks really interesting.
Only problem is: the manager is a Manchester United fan ( poor man). He and other half were chatting about it ( commiserating about their spectacular loss to Barcelona the other night).
Tomorrow we are going on a San Francisco movies tour and to Union square. And then to the airport for the return trip to Seattle.
Photos posted over the weekend.
Over and out!


Expat mum said...

Isn't SF great? Not keen on all them hills but it's a beautiful place.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time Jo. It brought back some good memories. We had a couple of days there in 2001 (shortly after 9/11). Our weather was glorious and we did "the sights", had a trolley ride etc. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time there. A

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely, somewhere I'd like to visit one day when I'm rid of the kids. As for the manager, I'd find it hard not to smirk.
Still no news on Shearer yet.

Sharlene said...

I live in SF next to Chinatown(in fact, I work at Alcatraz). Do you remember the all-you-can-eat dim sum place? It's name or location? Thanks.

Jess said...

We are so close, yet so far away!

Too bad I don't live closer...LOL

Hope you have a wonderful last few touring times and that you have safe travel home....I will be reading about your glad youa re enjoying yourself.

Lots of love