Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lead me not into temptation

Ok folks. Tell me this. How do you American girls resist all this wonderful food?? I have had the will power of a saint no doubt about it.
The portion sizes in the US are a legend, so we have been sharing dishes quite a bit of the time. I have tried to stay off carbs other than:
  • two root beers ( so hard to get in the UK, and I love it)
  • a few bites of blueberry pancake ( with a bit of syrup)
  • a few forkfuls of corn beef hash ( breakfast dish)
  • a spoonful of warm Tollgate cookie and ice cream

Other than that.... I have been very good indeed. I have no access to scales ( my friend does not have them) so I need to find some today to check on progress.

Now let me tell you what I have resisted.

  • pancakes, muffins, hash browns, toast with the wonderful breakfasts
  • cakes cakes cakes ( everywhere and the displays in the supermarket are amazing)
  • Lays crisps ( I can eat a whole yellow bag- keeping well away)
  • Fries ( everywhere, with everything) and every style of potato
  • macaroni cheese ( in big pots hot and fresh in the supermarket. It's a wrestle every time)
  • fascinating fast food outlets and diners everywhere

The worst temptation was the Brown Bag Cafe near where we are staying. What a wonderful place. We had breakfast yesterday. The plates were HUGE. Check the menu out ( but not if you are on a diet).

Yesterday we went to an outlet mall. I went to my two favourite US shops: Lane Bryant and Coach. Lane Bryant does plus size clothes and wonderful colourful underwear. I have shopped there every since my first trip to Chicago ( hello Expat Mum) and have spend a fortune over the years whenever I can find one ( Orlando, Boston, Chicago and now Seattle).

The good news with my diet is that the stuff is nearly too big for me now. Even their size fourteen trousers ( pants here) are a tad too big but still ok for now. I fit their size 16/18 tops still too, but much of what I tried on was too big. I know this is a good thing. When the other four stones I need to lose have gone, my visits will be history.

So just as well I have found Chico's. A store my friend introduced to me. Lots of bright clothes. I bought a few interesting things yesterday. Their US 14 crops fit me fine.

And as for Coach. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bags. It is a brand that has not taken off in the UK ( for some bizarre reason) so I love coming the the US to choose one. Yesterday I bought a wallet. I am still thinking about WHICH bag. What a problem to have. I love being on holiday.


karengberger said...

It's so fun to read your impressions!

My teenager also loves Coach (wallets), & this is where saving birthday & Christmas gift $$ comes in handy. You have access to fantastic Italian leather goods at home, though, haven't you?

You are practically being a saint with your food while on vacation. You're an inspiration to all.

You will LOVE S.F., if you like Seattle this much. The light there reminds me of the Mediterranean, and the architecture of the houses is really a joy to see. The bay, fabulous parks, the ocean, the Golden Gate bridge, restaurants, shopping...they have it all.

It's been such fun, knowing that you were nearby. Bon Voyage!

Granny on the Web said...

Oh you are being good. I don't know how you keep the will power... when we went to USA I couldn't resist all the scrummy nosh I saw on sale! How my daughter in law out there manages to keep her figure I don't know, she can eat me under the table!
Keep having a good time.
Love Granny

appropriately my verification word is pecka

Expat mum said...

Just knock yourself out with all the fab salads you can get - watch the dressing though!

jinksy said...

Would love to know ingredients of 'root beer',please? Is it another name for ginger beer, or something quite other?

(List of avoided food not good to read before breakfast - it might give me ideas!)

tmmb said...

I am SO glad you didn't skip the blueberry pancakes. They're one of my favo(u)rite foods from childhood- nothing like them!

Love the new photos, of good times in SF and of teenager having fun although sounds like he misses mum and dad a healthy amount.

The US isn't the same without you!