Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Angel of the North

The Giant Angel

Theres a greet big rusty angel
On the hill in Gatehead toon
It stands there doin nothin'
Just blottin' oot the moon

There are some who think it's beautiful
And some who disagree
But the pigeons and the seagulls
Knaa exactly what ti' dee

The Geordie population
Have been shaken to the core
We've had Roman Waals and Lampton Worms
But nowt like this before

Noo angels are God's messengers
Aa've aalways understood
They sit in clouds and play their harps
And tell us to be good

Heaven's full of angels
Superior to man
But if this is what they look like
Aa divvint want to gan

Aa've been aroond the world a bit
And seen some funny things
But Aa've nivvor seen an angel
With a pair of oblong wings

How many years I wonder
Will this angel have to stand
Before it is accepted
As part of Geordieland

Poets of the future
Will sing the Angel's praises
Men like Geordie Ridley
Who gave us the Blaydon Races

Just a part of Geordie history
Like Stotty Cake n' Broon
And the world will pay homeage
To the canny Gateshead toon


Granny on the Web said...

Magnificent poem! your own?

Love Granny

Lakeland Jo said...

No Granny- not my own. I will investigate who the poet is if I can and will give them the glory. Glad you pointed that out