Sunday, 24 May 2009

Second Home?

Here is a house near where we are staying. Isn't the garden fabulous?

I would like to have this for my second home!! Just need to win the lottery now.
It is so hard for ( the majority of) Brits to imagine having such space. It is so damned crowded in the UK. We are more fortunate than many living in the Lakes.

The house prices here are eye poppingly cheap compared to where we live. This is the heart break of it.

Maybe I should apply to work for Microsoft, Amazon or Expedia ( only kidding mum, only kidding).

Today we are going to a 'cook in' with some friends of B and S ( who we are staying with). I am very excited about it. I love to see how other people live and what is important to them. I am sure the food will be marvellous. Apparently our host is a wonderful baker.

Watch this space.

( PS- for those who are wondering, what about the diet? I have actually lost quite a bit more since my last post on it. I am eating lightly and avoiding carbs in the main. I am determined not to put on a single pound while I am here. However, I suspect this might be a challenge today!!) Oh yes, the food poisoning has meant Other Half and I have lost quite a bit since we landed, especially OH. He hasn't eaten really since we landed).


jinksy said...

Can't decide which I like best- house or garden!

Expat mum said...

Fabulous - but I don't think your second home is supposed to be bigger than your first home is it? Anyhoo, give me a ring if you have time.