Sunday, 17 May 2009

Days of mixed fortune

The last few days have been a roller coaster.

The bad things:

  • The weather ( boo hiss)

  • The Newcastle United versus Fulham game result ( we lost one nil and still face relegation)

  • The traffic in the North East- awful. It never fails to amaze me how dreadful it is. It took me 1.5hrs to get from Darlington to Newcastle City Centre on Friday

  • Jonny Wilkinson finally announces he is leaving the Falcons for Toulon. ( I don't blame him but he will be such a miss)

  • suffering from a very late night on Saturday- not enough sleep and the old bones can't deal with it these days

  • did I mention the ( dire) weather?

  • my wonderful friend facing breast cancer. Damn that wretched disease. You know who you are- I am with you every step of the way girl!

  • shutting down the office when you are self employed... so much to think about... will we ever get away...?

The good things:

  • going to the test match at Durham on Saturday, England beating the West Indies,and teenager seeing us live on the TV all the way from Oz

  • a night out in town watching all the fashions, and having a good laugh with friends

  • staying with our good friend M in Newcastle in his lovely city centre flat- what a convenient urban treat, and only minutes from Starbucks. He is a great host. Cloudy Bay with dinner, Champagne to kick off our night out, haddock and poached eggs for breakfast. Lovely!
  • being out on the town and being three and a half stone lighter, and feeling very confident

  • the decorator starting in teenager's room. We have somewhere found the time and strength to get it all stripped down. It is going to look brilliant. And the paper has arrived!

  • looking forward to flying out of Heathrow on Friday to Seattle ( a couple of days work in Birmingham first)... we are all packed.

Just need to finish all the office work, and check we have remembered everything....

Over and out!

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Decadent Housewife said...

You are a busy lady - prayers for your friend with the ca.