Sunday, 24 May 2009

Six important things that make me happy!

Thanks to the wonderful Renie for this one. She is such an inspiration. Be sure to pop over and see her.

Six important things that make me happy!

  • my wonderful son. I love him to bits. Hello over there in Oz.

  • my wonderful husband. I love him to bits . Even though he supports Man Utd.

  • my wonderful mum. I love her to bits. Hello over there in Windermere.

  • my favourite aunt. I love her to bits. Hello over there in York.

  • my wonderful friends: I am so lucky to have you there- all over the world.

  • wine. A toast to all of you.

We are having a great time in Seattle. I could live here no doubt about it. After one day I am totally in love with it. As teenager would say, it rocks.

Green, spacious, colourful. Very clean. No litter. Everywhere well kept and tidy. Lovely shops. Today we went to Redmond town and Woodinville. We ate lunch at Ruby's diner, and had coffee in Starbucks ( pike place blend of course), shopped in the Whole Food Market ( what an amazing place- I could stay in there for hours and hours). I went to the bath and body works and bought loads and loads of lovely things ( it is so inexpensive in there I can never believe it....). I love their warm vanilla sugar range.

I went into the White and Black store and bought some leggings to slouch about it. We looked in a shop called Chico's : it has some great stuff in there and I will be back.

We also went to a garden centre called Molbak's. It is huge and so beautifully merchandised. It seems folks are very into gardening here. The gardens everywhere are lovely to look at.

Tonight we are having a barbecue. The weather is warm, and the garden is lovely to sit out it. First glass of wine being lined up ( as you can see the food poisoning is a distant memory). Chops, ribs and sausage from the Whole Food Market. Does life get any better?

(PS- if you are not partisan to any sporting team, please pray,cross fingers or whichever of your customs helps in times of crisis..........Newcastle United need your support tomorrow. If we lose,we will be relegated. I will be watching on cable here in Seattle.


karengberger said...

How awful about the food poisoning...what an unpleasant way to start your vacation! I am so glad that passed quickly.
Love the photo of you in the neighborhood. Please keep posting your thoughts and impressions. It's so fun to see it through your eyes.
My sister LOVES Molbak's. My mom loves Chico's and I love Black Market/White House. Everyone loves Whole Foods. You've hit many of my favorites already. =)
I made a comment back to you on my blog...I hope you'll get to the Seattle waterfront & Pike Market, the Nordstrom flagship store & maybe even take a ferry ride or a harbor tour. Enjoy every moment & God bless you!

Granny on the Web said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Plenty to see, and do, and buy...
Hope the icky tums are completely better.
Enjoy your visit.
Love Granny

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Jo,

Oh, love your 6 important things!

Sounds like you are really having a great time in Seattle. Never been there, but have friends in the area. Fingers crossed for your team, Newcastle United!

Happy Sunday. Got to run and get ready for church.



PS. Thank you for the mention in such a nice way!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing within a ten mile radius of here that isn't crossed at the moment. I've been trying to chill out in the garden but the butterflies are still there.

Would help if Ferguson had sent out at decent team like to told everyone he was..lying scottish b******!

Beer to my side, toon tops on, it's almost too much....!

I may have to have a cushion to hide behind.

Oh and have a great holiday!

cinner said...

Glad to hear your having a great time in seatle. Enjoy every day. Glad you are feeling better. Take care, cinner

Decadent Housewife said...

Second Home!? Oh oh. Glad you're enjoying yourself.