Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Consett McDonalds, Wi-Fi, Blue Skies and off to work

Hi folks
Just a quick post on the way to sunny ( yes-it is today) Crook in County Durham. You can see Crook on the previous post on the map. It is very high up! Not too far from Corbridge where I am staying, in the wilds of County Durham.

My dad was born in this area, in Stanley, and I like visiting Durham because I feel as if a piece of me belongs here. He was brought up in Tanfield Lea. Sadly I am not in touch with any of his family ( if there are any here) so I have no-one to visit. I intend to do much more research into the family tree when I have some time ( famous last words?).

I couldn't get access when I first arrived : they had forgotten to switch the router on. Maybe there isn't a great demand for it in this branch yet! Anyway, I had collected enough coffee points on my little card to get a free cappucino: how cool is that? Simple pleasures- and yes-I probably need to get out more!

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