Wednesday, 17 September 2008

pampered pet

( On the right - when I win the lottery or clinch that deal.... the Jaguar FX)

I will declare my shameful behaviour on my blog! I accept that I have become a pampered pet where cars are concerned.

My car is currently snuggled in the garage with the engineer trying to sort out a recurring gear box problem. While he is taxing his brain, I have a courtesy car for my business trip this week.

Those who know me know that I love cars. When I win the lottery ( note: positive mental attitude) I will sit down and a)be sensible about investing and b) philanthropic in intent ONCE I have been to the garage to buy a new state of the art sleek sexy fast Jaguar sports car ( top of the range, leather, wooden steering wheel, ). Sigh. Anyway...

I don't understand people who say ' a car is just a thing to get you from A to B.... not in my model of the world it isn't...........
I am in a courtesy car, and sulking. I have no sat nav ( and in strange places all week), no heated seats ( this should be a mandatory requirement by law in cars), no handsfree bluetooth carphone set ( and hence no chatting to pals while driving), no folding mirrors when driving on tight narrow country roads, no charger for phone and ipod..... need I go on? Anyway, I admit I may sound a bit like Paris Hilton and sorry if you want to slap me.
In my defence I do drive a lot (but nowhere near as much as I used to) and I have got used to the car being the second home and all that. At least they have given me a cd player, aircon and seriously good acceleration. Without this I would be ( even more) unbearable.

A girl has to have her pleasures.......


Amanda Han said...

hi Jo,

Glad you have found your way back to my blog though how you found my work one I'll never know!!!

I have an Audi A3 turbo sport - the price of the tyres on alloys are ouch - luckily I inherited the car from the other half so he got to pay for the tyres as he wanted to keep the alloys!!!!

Have fun - Amanda

Adventure girl wanna be said...

You go girl! and get the car. I will wish for you;)

Can I ask what your job is?

I love traveling for a career!

Janet said...

I have to admit cars are not high on my list of priorities, but as I work mostly from home they don't need to be.

I have an old Pontiac Grand Prix which I love, it has none of the bells and whistles of your car, but it does have aircon, a priority here. Hell it's so old it doesn't have a CD player, only a tape. But I guess if I came into money, I might consider upgrading. :-)

Lakeland Jo said...

I am not quite sure how I got to your work one either- I get on a trail bouncing from one place to another and its hard to track back. Fun though!
Like the sound of the audi and I am with you on the tyre issue-I had all of my replaced recently and it was pain pain pain

Expat mum said...

Those seats with warmers used to make my bum very itchy after about 20 minutes. Too much information I know.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh I am with you on this, a car is a luxury that should be a pleasure. My new Mazda 3 has heated seats, my first experience of these and omg they're wonderful. I ahve already used them in 90 in Okieland!