Tuesday, 9 September 2008

McDonalds in Newcastle for free WI- FI

Hi folks
Have just jetted into a McDonald's in Newcastle to check my emails and blog. Can't say it would be a venue of choice but it does free Wi- Fi now and the coffee is pretty good ( surprisingly!). It costs £5 per hour for internet access in Starbucks. I love Starbucks but £5 an hour?? I am sure they will change their policy soon when they realise loads of places are offering the service free ( such as Costas). Have the irritation of receiving emails but not being able to send them - something horribly technical to do with the server apparently.

Need to go to PC World to get it sussed out- groan. I hate going there.

Week is going well even though there has been a few schedule changes. It goes with the territory with this job though it can be frustrating. Corbridge cottage is lovely- much better than the other one I talked about on a previous listing. Very central, very comfortable and cosy. More about it when I have time. We have eaten out a couple of times so far- in the local chinese ( Artisam) and at a local pub, The Golden Lion.
Weather is horrible. Ok yesterday ( we even saw some sunshine!!) but raining and dark again today. I feel so sorry for Morpeth up the road- they have experienced some seriously bad flooding.
Off to Corbridge to meet up with mum - a restful afternoon ahead
( Ps- rumours flying around about Newcastle United). An Indian Billionaire ( sixth richest man in the world!!??) might be buying- I hope he does!


Expatmum said...

I don't understand how anything in Northumberland can be flooding. I thought it was all up on a hill, but then that's just the impression you get driving up the coastal route I suppose?

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Hi Jo, the MacDonald's near us just went WI-FI too, what a fab invention it is!

I spoke to my mum back in blighty today and she said the weather is atrocious still, stay dry and warm and thanks for popping in and signing my guestbook.