Saturday, 20 September 2008

Saturday and being an early bird

I am up early again- slept til four then the eyes shot open! I can go back to sleep later: Saturday is lie in day ( sometimes).
Tomorrow teenager has a rugby match somewhere in the hinterlands of Cumbria. My mum and I are taking him, so it will be up and at 'em by eight.
I do like to be up early in the morning- anyone else the same? My brain is in a good place, fresh and creative, and there are no interruptions. I am definitely a morning person and always have been. When my pals were getting ready to go clubbing, I was stirring the hot chocolate and heading for the duvet.

Like to catch up on recorded tv in the early hours too. Have just watched the first episode of ' Tess of the D'urbervilles, the new BBC production. Nicely shot but it is SO depressing...have decided not to continue watching it... I loved the book but don't think I can bear watching the serial.

Anyone else watching the Tudors? Jury is out on this one for me. It all seems very modern looking : the actors look very 21st century, like people dressed up to look like kings, queens and courtiers... and I suppose the idea is you get past that and become submerged in the atmosphere and it isn't working for me at least.

On the subject of Henry 8th I finally saw ' the other boleyn girl' the other night when staying in the hotel. I enjoyed it but it isn't a patch on the book ( sorry cliche time!). If you haven't ready it, I strongly recommend it. The author is Phillipa Gregory.


Expat mum said...

Agree with your comments on The Other Boleyn Girl totally, but not, I'm afraid on your early-morning-ness.
I had to get eldest to school for 6 on Thursday morning, (school trip departure time) and the middle one to school at 7 yesterday morning (orchestra practice). Slept till 9 this morning and 5 year old was forced to get his own breakfast. (Ball & Chain in Scotland I believe.)

Janet said...

I'm a night owl, but I still get up early, most of the time, but not 4am early, 7:30 is plenty early enough for me. I do like to lie in until 9 at the weekends though.

I can't comment on Tess the series, but I have read the book and thought that was pretty depressing, but that's Hardy for you. I do like his books, but they are all a bit dark and dreary.

Saw the film of the Other Bolyn Girl, and thought it was okay. I may try the book now, as you recommend it.

Lakeland Jo said...

I think all Phillipa Gregory books are a good read and would recommend them. I also love Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell: crime and gore. I love crime stuff but hate horror films!

Hill upon Hill said...

I would love to get up early, it is a very special, quiet time in the day...

I agree, although not seeing the movie, I loved the book "Tess of the D'ubervilles" and would find the movie very depressing. I enjoyed your entry about doing your best in parenthood too. Your jokes (computer) brought a smile to my face....