Saturday, 13 September 2008


It is all suddenly dawning on me.Teenager isn't just growing up height wise, he is growing up full stop.
Last night he was at his friend's birthday sleepover. Other half and I had relaxing meal out at in Windermere ( food bloggers- take a look at the menu) and walked back back down the hill to Bowness. Picture above- it's a restaurant with rooms...

Teenager turns up at eleven am and starts talking about going to the Kendal Torchlight Procession. Something that happens every year and we have never been. Shameful.

Turns out he would like to meet his pals,but how can he get there and back? He is capable of getting the train in, but I am unconvinced that he is old enough yet to be there later in the evening ( in the dark...) pals or not, especially with big crowds there (and apparently no trains back because of track maintenance...). Don't mention buses ( public transport in this area is few and far between).

So Pa Kettle and I are taking him in where he can go off and 'hang' with his pals, and we will be ready to take him back when he is ready later on post torches et al. We will work hard to stay out of sight so as not to intrude or embarrass ( I suspect we are at that stage now).... but near enough in case resources of some sort are needed..... All I need to do is persuade OH to drive back so I can partake of the grape ...and let's hope we can get parked. Since we are going to be there, we will take a look at proceedings and see what it is all about.

Will let you know if it's worth it.

Meanwhile: Kevin Keegan was talking to Toon owner Mike Ashley ( cue pantomime hissing and booing) yesterday but the talks were fruitless. The fans are protesting outside St James' park today... I hope Ashley doesn't turn up at the ground for the sake of his health. We still have no manager it it appears the Board might be trying to tempt King Kev back. I wonder what his terms are... very curious.


Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hello again, there is an award for you over at my blog. Like the new format BTW. Very attractive!

mrsnesbitt said...

Well hello! Have just been reading your blog and must say how nice it is to be here. We are just outside Whitby but often pop over your way on the motorbike. I would love to stay more, but right now it is 2.20pm Saturday and we are having friends over for dinner tonight so I really must get some housework done. I have added you on my follow I'll be back! LOL!

Do you ever come over this way?

Janet said...

Wow, that restaurant looks fabulous, they have an amazing menu. What did you have?

Lakeland Jo said...

Thanks for the award HT, I am about to download it or upload it, or whatever the term is!

Welcome to Mrs Nesbitt- glad to have you with us! I am glad you are on my follow list. I will be hopping across to your blog soon.

Glad you liked the menu at Jericho's Jan. We had smoked salmon and potted shrimps to start ( we shared) with warm home made bread buns, both had the fillet steak with all the trims (its their signature dish and always on the menu) and then I had toffee popcorn cheesecake and Paul had baked egg custard. All very good and washed down with some lovely wine.

Janet said...

Mmmmm, that all sounds totally yummy.