Monday, 1 September 2008

name tags, school shoes, and do the trousers still fit?

Yes- it's that time of year again, when you realise that your kids have grown at least two inches over the summer.

We are now organising sports bags ( one for rugby, one for watersports, one for football, one for tennis, one for hockey), school bags ( maths set, pencils, water bottle, calculator et al), school shoes and new trousers....

I am off to my wonderful friend A's house. She does my name tags. Mrs Practical I am not. Not even a name tag. She does it for me. It is less painful for everyone. As she says, I have other gifts....

Anyone out there who has more than one child, I really admire you. I find sorting out one quite enough. Sigh


Faith said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
To answer your question about "what is a homeroom?". In the junior high and high schools here in New York State, each child is assigned a classroom (homeroom) where they report for the start of school each a.m. It is where the homeroom teacher takes attendance, hands out notices, and the teens listen to the announcements for the day (what club meetings, which sports have practice, etc.). Then the first bell rings and they go to their 1st period class, etc.
Hope that answers your question!
I'll be back to browse around here...looks neat.

Lakeland Jo said...

Thanks so much for the reply. I enjoy learning about different language uses. My friend Expat mum irons out a lot of these issues in her book Rules Britannia ( ie: how we Brits use language and about our own strange ways of doing things). Her blog is linked to mine at the bottom of the page.
Look forward to visiting your blog again soon.