Friday, 5 September 2008

Gone but not forgotten, and the rain comes down

I think the weather today reflects the mood of all of the Toon Army supporters: grey and gloomy. Keegan has resigned and we are looking for another manager. Anyone else prepared to drink out of the poisoned chalice?
I won't say another word about it. Fed up!
I would like to say that despite it all the weather has improved but that would be a large porky pie ( lie). Other half and I did roam around the block last night and it was ( briefly) warm and still and ( most importantly) dry. It was a real delight. We were clearing our respective heads from a day of relentless proposal writing and bids, and after an hour we felt much better. There were lots of lovely sail boats on the lake ( looked like kids under instruction) and a few tourists buzzing about admiring the fabulous views.
Today, however, it looks pretty much as per above. Very wet, very dark... and the central heating is on. We have braved it out the whole summer and have finally cracked. It is too miserable to put up with being chilled a moment longer. I feel sorry for people who won't be able to afford to put the heating on at all this winter because of the soaring fuel prices, especially the elderly, sick and those with small children. It must be such a worry for them.
We have decided to have a real fire in the winter most nights and try to keep the heating down in the rest of the house. I love autumn winter nights when the candles are lit, and the fire is burning and we are all sitting cosy together.


Expatmum said...

Central heating! Oh no! It rained here for almost 24 hours yesterday but at least it was warm!

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh wow, we have had the a/c on all day as it is so humid here........wouldn't be so bad but we are heading down south to South Carolina and its still in the high 30's oC down there. I am so looking forward to Fall.........

Gill in Canada

Jan said...

It looks like our weather is going to be all ove the place this autumn. On Tuesday it was still
90F, then we got the remnants of hurricane Gustav and temps plummeted to 65F on Wednes. Due to get into the 80's again at weekend, so as I say, all over the place.

I can well believe you needing heating on at this time of year, Sept can be pretty nippy in the north. But you can't beat an open fire, I'm actually looking forward to needing to light ours.:-)

Sorry that Kev has decided to throw in the towel, I suppose it's better that then being pushed.

Thank you for recommending my blog to your mum, I hope she likes it.

Lakeland Jo said...

I can't imagine ever needing air -con again, and the thought of seeing the sun even for twenty minutes is becoming unimaginable (it might sound dramatic but we Brits are becoming melancholic with the continuous damp).

Daffodilly said...

Love the photo as I lived in the lakes for a while.

I cannot beleive how much rain the UK has had this year. When I visited I was frozen for the whole 2 weeks & that was in June!