Saturday, 13 September 2008

Pillow Talk

Sigh! Up at all hours - woke up about half two am, hot and increasingly restless. Back in bed with other half after my single bed week in Corbridge so can't put the light on to read for ten minutes, or thrash around like a I am up, watching the news about Hurricane Ike, and looking at my blog. Looking at the pictures from Galveston in Texas as the weather gets worse, and all those poor folk trying to get away on blocked roads. It looks awful and I can't imagine how stressful it must be for those affected. I am praying for everyone who is stuck over there in the thick of the storm.

Also watching people stranded by the crash of travel company Excel. What a nightmare, especially the lady who had paid thousands and thousands for her family to go to Disneyland in Orlando, to join her for her wedding. She is so devasted I found it hard to watch. She thinks she has lost everything. There are an estimated 90,000 people stranded all over the world. I wonder what happens to people who don't have the money to get flights back home...mmhh... scarey thought.

Weather here seems to have settled for a while and it is lovely to be able to walk about without rain coats. There are a lot of people here at Windermere for tomorrow's great north swim... apparently over 2000 people are swimming in lake Windermere- mainly for charity. I don't know much about it so need to read up about it tomorrow. Apparently there at a few GB Olympians swimming too.


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Yep it's midnight here and we are up watching Ike coverage on Fox news. In fact we might see Geraldo Rivera kick it if he doesn't get off that sea wall. It's looking very bad right now sadly.

Hope you got some sleep.

Janet said...

I'm sorry you had a restless night.

It's terrible to be at the mercy of the weather, because there's absolutely bugger all you can do about it, except take cover and hope for best.

The remnants of Ike will be with us later today, lots of rain and high winds, not hurricane force though. We just have to hope it doesn't spawn any tornadoes.