Sunday, 14 September 2008

Kendal Torch Light Procession

Hope you like the montage photo of the Torchlight procession- not my own work- I found it on the internet. I do have some photos of my own but they are rather dark.

Teenager went off on his own with pals after a pizza with mum and dad ( we have uses) and other half and I watched the procession from our vantage point on the high street. Well done to everyone who took part- a community occasion for great causes: CancerCare, St Mary's Hospice, Derian House Children's Hospice and Bay Search and Rescue. Hope they raised a ton of money.

Pity about some of the drunken behaviour of the idiot minority ( there were a couple of arrests). I am afraid the event clashed with the usual Saturday night 'festivities' in Kendal but the police seemed to be keeping a close eye: shame they have to isn't it?


Janet said...

It sounds like it was a lovely parade. A shame about the drunken yobs though, I hope they didn't spoil your fun too much.

mrsnesbitt said...

The minority often spoil so many things dont they? We have just returned from a day visit to Scarborough....and I read now here of pizza..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm guess what we are having tonight? LOL!

Expatmum said...

You mean it wasn't raining? It has been lashing down here since Thursday night - remnants of the Texas hurricanes. Some of the motorways (freeways) are under water, so Ball & Chain can't get to his golf club to get his golf clubs before ten day sojourn to UK for work and golfing. Karma, I say.

PS. Hadriana has left you an award.

Amanda Han said...

Hi Jo,

I missed the torch light this year - we got carried away with pals just north of the border and never made it home!!!