Saturday, 7 February 2009

Big Brother is watching you... and nagging you

This is unbelievable. I am aghast.

Last Saturday we went ten pin bowling in Preston which is about sixty miles from here.

This morning other half received a letter from Preston police. It was headed ' Preventing vehicle crime in Preston'.... then our registration number.

It went on to say:

... the above vehicle, registered in your name, was recently observed on 31st January 2009 @ 18.20hrs on the car park at Lakeside Superbowl, Preston, Lancashire, with a Sat Nat holder ( note holder!!) left on display... thus rendering the vehicle vulnerable'

There is then two pages of nagging, advising, finger pointing and lecturing. It is unbelievable.

Just as well other half was there with me, and teenager, and not with some fancy woman......otherwise he would be well in the mire.

Be warned, all of you who go where you should not be....BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.


Anonymous said...

We have more cameras watching us in this country than anywhere else.

My Dad is a railway engineer and said that a new carriage, that had been fitted out, had 9 cameras in it; 9!! The 'shed' lads were all trying to work out which seats to sit in where the camera couldn't pick them up.

It's madness. Nanny state, n' all that.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What? A note holder. Is that like a note pad. Or has it to do with money? So me Jo.
but it is all very can't get away with anything can you?
Which is good for us INNOCENT folks, right?

Clippy Mat said...

that's a bit ridiculous. what's the point? is it crime prevention or just time wasting?

Granny on the Web said...

You said it 'Unbelievable' !
Not only the Big Brother thing, that is scandalous in itself, but have they nothing better to do? I mean... well I am rendered speechless.
Maybe the press would like to hear of this episode, shame them into doing what they are paid to do..CATCH CRIMINALS! not hound the likes of your family.
Love Granny

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

We need such time and effort to be put into actually catching and punishing the criminals. A

Lakeland Jo said...

Sorry Suz- I haven't made that clear. It is the sat nav case- but not the sat nav machine itself which Paul keeps with him in his coat.

Leslie said...

Big Brother is everywhere-wish he would just go away somewhere and find something else to do other than harrass law abiding citizens. It's gotten ridiculous how far the law has taken things-the same punishment applies to 1st time offenders as to multiple offenders. Can we just get away from this somehow? Where can we escape to? I'm over it already.

I'm not down with big brother.


pamokc said...

Unbelievable! Now, if you had been broken into and the letter was given to you to help protect yourself int he future, that is one thing. Very interesting post. I keep hearing about all the cameras in the UK. But ... who monitors theM???

Janet said...

I have heard about all the cameras in Britain, even witnessed some on my last trip home. You will have read 1984 - Orwell was way ahead of is time. Airstrip 1. :-(

Expat mum said...

Actually, since they weren't accusing him of anything, I'm not sure I would be annoyed. (Sorry!) They're basically saying that displaying Sat Navvy anything might cause the would-be robber to break in anyway and look under the seats.
In the olden days (the 80's) when those removable car radios came out, many people would just stick them under the seat and robbers soon caught on.
And - taxpayers out there - it costs far less to prevent a crime than to report, prosecute and incarcerate!

cheshire wife said...

My husband managed to go one better than you. He left the sat nav. plus holder in a rental van that we had hired when we returned it. Luckily it was found and returned to us. If anybody got a finger wagging letter it would have been the van rental people.

There is an award for you at my place.

Renie Burghardt said...

My gooness, well, maybe it's a good thing, if it helps prevent a crime. I don't know.



Anonymous said...

I have a charity collector who harrasses me every week for the fact that hubby has his DAB radio mounted on the dash. She relentlessly tells me off for it when at the door. I tell her it's 'his' car not mine but I still get the earache.

I suppose from their point of view, if the car was broken into and stuff nicked then you'd be onto them straight away.

If you watch 24 on Sky you will know that there are camera's that can even tell you what colour loo roll you have in your lav!