Saturday, 28 February 2009

Toon Army at the Reebok Stadium

Tomorrow we are going to watch Bolton Wanderers play Newcastle United at the Reebok stadium at Bolton.

We will be sitting with the away supporters. With our own people. Dressed in black and white. And best of all singing loudly. Our good friend and BW fan Chris will be there too- with the Bolton fans. He is a season ticket holder ( poor lad).

Whatever the results we will win on noise and atmosphere. The toon army usually do anyway, but at Bolton it won't be difficult. They are notoriously quiet.


Busy Bee Suz said...

So much fun....I bet your son loves that you share this passion with him.

Jess said...

Have fun!

And yes, of course you can use that off my blog... I don't mind at all for you to join in on any of those things...any time!

Have a great new week, Happy Sunday!

Love, jess

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming Busy Bee Suz and Jess are not Toon supporters? The word 'fun' is way down the list of suitable comments!

Try fingernail biting, migraines, palpitations and a sore neck from flinging your head back at every lost opportunity.

pamokc said...

Is this your team? The Bolton Wanderers? I have to tell you something funny if so: We moved house and have been without cable TV for over a week now. On one of the free channels, last night (Sunday) ... guess what was on .. the Bolton Wanderers football network! We couldn't believe it! They were showing a "classic" game from the early 90's.