Saturday, 21 February 2009

Me complain?

( ps- this is not a picture of me!)
Busy Bee Suz mentioned in a comment that she hasn't heard me complain much about being on a diet.

Ask my family. I never complain about anything. Isn't that right mum?
Anyway, I have to say I have been pretty much of a stalwart so far. It's a tough programme: no alchohol ( six weeks no wine now folks). No food: only food packs. The programme is called LighterLife. It's very low calorie, but after the first week you don't feel hungry ( or if you do, it's emotional hunger based on unhelpful patterns.. boredom.... comfort...ritual.... habit etc).
The total abstinence idea is to help you explore why you eat the way you do, when you do, how you do, what triggers bad patterns etc. At each weigh in- in the class (which is a closed class, same people all the way through the foundation programme) we talk about some aspect of our relationship with food. It's pretty good, and interesting.
I have found out lots of things about myself. My weak times are weekends: Friday and Saturday night. I eat to reward myself after a good day's work, for getting through a tough week, for success and not success ( get the picture...). My portion sizes are far too big, and I love to eat the wrong things.
So what's tough about it? The food is boring. I miss wine. I miss eating out. Sometimes the amount I still have to lose is daunting. The results are fast .... but never fast enough ( why isn't it possible to lose two stone a week safely??)
Still I am in it to win it. Next update- Tuesday night. Next weigh in.
I am off to the Trafford Centre today to look at bedroom furniture for teenager, and spare room, and to look at skinny clothes to motivate myself. I might just have a little Jo Malone treat too- no calories in that!! And I can have a big black coffee in Starbucks. Heaven.


Renie Burghardt said...

I'm so impressed with your determination, Jo. You go, girl!

Happy weekend!



Busy Bee Suz said...

Thanks for sharing. You are doing a great job and really, I wish I had the will power or motivation myself. I am so weak!
Have a fun day shopping...take care, suz

Tismee2 said...

See, had I read your posts from latest to last then I wouldn't have had to ask the question a few posts ago.

That's what you get for being organised!

Keep it up, just think of the clothes you will be wearing in the summer!

I love Jo Malone too - what are your favourites?

Jan said...

Oh gosh, six weeks without wine, I think I would miss that more than the food. You have nerves of steel girl.