Sunday, 15 February 2009

Lemonade award

Thank you so much to Cheshire wife who has awarded me this lovely award for great attitude and gratitude.

I would like to honour my good friend Renie, who has a fabulous attitude to life. Read her adventures in the ice storm. What a great lady. I just know if I lived nearer, we would get on like a house on fire.


kkryno said...

Sorry I haven't been by in a long while.

I'm enjoying catching up with your blog.

Busy Bee Suz said...


Janet said...

Congrats on your award, Jo.

I can so relate to Renie's ice storm experiences, but as she lives in the Ozarks we are pretty much neighbours by US standards. We had the same weather here, but amazingly didn't lose power. Last year's ice storm was much, much worse.

Honestly, Jo, I have never experienced anything like these ice storms in my life. They truly are dreadful.

If you're interested you can read my post here

and see photos here

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Renie Burghardt said...

Congratulations Jo, and thank you so much for passing the award on to me. I agree, I think we'd get along fabulously, although I'm more your mum's age, I think.

I'll have to go check out Janet's experience with her ice storm.

Although, there is still much to do around here, we got the roof fixed, my sink unclogged, after some candle wax from the candles I was burning in the sink during the ice storm, dripped down the drain, (how dumb of me was that?) and have begun cutting up some of the broken limbs. But today was Sunday and I took a break from the chaos and went to eat Mexican food with some friends. Heck, I needed some fun. The work will still be waiting for me here anyway.

Sorry I made this so long. Hope you've had a wonderful Sunday.