Sunday, 22 February 2009

I really liked this on Fat Frumpy and Fifty's blog ( p.s.- it is very clear from reading her blog that she is not the first two. Not sure about the latter, but I will take her word!)

So, Lakeland Jo's turn:

I Am: generally a happy and optimistic person

I Want: to stay in good health ( I have had the other: not good)

I Have: everything that is important to me: my wonderful family, and my health, and fabulous friends. I also have my life, and I am very pleased about it.

I Wish: the Toon Army could win the premiership.

I Fear: that anyone will vote for this Government again.

I Hear: a lot. I have good hearing.

I Know: a lot about people and behaviour

I Search: for my glasses all the time.

I Wonder: what I will look like when I have reached my goal weight.

I Regret: not working harder at school.

I Love: ( I could say something profound here... but I will say...) coffee

I Always: cleanse tone and moisturise

I Usually: wear make up

I Am Not: practical

I Dance: not often enough ( yet...)

I Sing: ok I think, but my son thinks I have an appalling voice.

I Never: give up hope.

I Rarely: say no to a coffee with a pal ( unless I am away working)

I Cry: when I am overtired and overwhelmed.

I Am Not Always: good at remembering occasions such as birthdays ( in fact ever..)

I’m Confused: by Cumbria's highway department and the chief engineer's thinking about roads and traffic planning in the Lake District.

I Need: lots of sleep, coffee and shopping ( yes really - these are needs)

I Should: stick to this diet. If I do I will achieve one of my life goals


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your list. I'm really, really keeping my fingers crossed for you on the last item as I know how hard it can be!
Wendy (Wales)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love answers would be very similar. :)

Jan said...

Great post, Jo, as was fat frumpy and 50.

BTW, I've given you an award, drop by the blog and collect it - just keep your eyes shut. ;-)

Renie Burghardt said...

This was a fun read.

I'm not practical either, and at my age, I really should be. I'm sure you'll look great when you reach your weight goal. You already look good.

I got to find more time to do more blogging.

Have a great Monday. Or is it Tuesday already in your neck of the woods?



Expat mum said...

You ARE happy and optimistic. How do you do it?

Lakeland Jo said...

Thanks anonymous Wendy - appreciated.

Jan- thanks much for the award

Renie- thanks for the compliment. Hugs as ever xx

Expat- its knowing I have lovely friends like you of courseXX

Polergirl said...

Loved this Meme, I'm going to give it a go - thank you!