Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Mates, a typical rugby player and some lovely roses

I am really enjoying the blog this week. While we wait for our furniture to be delivered into the new office ( yes- we are still waiting) we are between and betwixt venues, and I find I have bit of time on my hands to do fun stuff ( like the blog).
I have downloaded some photos from my camera ( something else that has been on the to do list since January!!) and thought I would share a few.

First one is of teenager and his close pal on the day they were off school because of snow. They had been sledging. They have been friends a long time ( since they were tiny) and it's great is that pal lives just over the fence, so they can hang out pretty much anytime.

The second one is a picture of teenager after a recent victory at his rugby club. He is still covered from bumps bruises and cuts from that match. Luckily the mud has all gone now but he was in the shower for a long time trying to get it all off! I think he really looks like the typical rugger player.

The third picture is of my valentine day roses- aren't they lovely? Still going strong too. I love fresh flowers.


MikeH said...

Your rugby player looks like he's been ridden hard and put away wet. Lovely roses, though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, what a strapping teenager you have there. Fraid mine is a little on the delicate side!

btw I have started a daily blog on my new diet

Hope you can add a few useful comments here and there?

Annette said...

Beautiful roses and great pictures.

tmmb said...

Great photos! Congrats to Pete on the victory. Boy, all that mud brings back a lot of rugby memories.

Renie Burghardt said...

What a great looking young man! Does he resemble his Dad? The snow looks good in the background. And your roses are beautiful!

Have a great Sunday!