Sunday, 15 February 2009

Blog slacking

My good and absent friend TM used this wonderful term for not making entries or reading other people's blogs. Blogslacker- that is what I am!

We have a lot on at the moment and all of it is wonderful.

The businesss is very busy ( Thank God in this current climate).

We are moving into wonderful offices this week - kitchen in on Monday, carpets on Wednesday and furniture on Thursday and Friday.
Other half's hypnotherapy suite is ready, and the loo is in too ( very important eh??). We have worked so hard for this to happen and it all seems like a dream. I am very excited about it.

My diet is going well. I am walking and swimming to help with toning, and sorting out my wardrobe.

My clothes are long and flowing, and loose fitting and it will take me a while to think about the possibility of dressing differently. I can't imagine tight fitting or tailored clothes. I will need hauling out of that mind set.

I am already in clothes two sizes smaller... unbelievable really.

We are preparing physically and emotionally for teenager's trip away to Australia. There is lots to do. While he is away we are replacing windows in his bedroom and completely re-decorating it. It is long, long overdue. We are doing the same with the spare room which has been an office for years now. Soon it will be empty of office stuff, and will be a proper bedroom again

All in all, there is a lot going on. It's great, and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am not going to have a blogging break as such, but expect to see a little less of me until the move is all done. Photos as soon as possible!


Busy Bee Suz said...

You do have a lot going on...all good stuff too. Congrats on the offices and your new wardrobe.
you need to get your brain wrapped around your new size before you start looking for more clothes. Ask a good friend or even a saleslady to help you. You must get rid of the flowy, loose clothes. Show off all the work you have done. :)

Janet said...

Exciting news, Jo, I'm so pleased that everything is going so well for you. I'll look forward to seeing the photos of your new offices.

How long is teenager away for, and where in Aus is he going? I'm curious as my brother and sister in law live in 'Stralia.

A big hug to the new slim line you.

Renie Burghardt said...

I have to blog slack quite often, myself. How great everything will be when you're done. Congratulations on the weight loss! I lost 30 pounds (not sure how much that is in kilo's) and went from a matronly size 12 to a size 6 and have remained there. Keep up the great going.



Lakeland Jo said...

Busy Bee- thanks for the advice. You are right I need to show off the emerging new shape.
Janet- teenager is going to Melbourne for ten weeks to stay with a family there, and go to school with their son. Their son then comes to us for his exchange.

Renie-well done on the thirty pounds. How did you do it? A size six?? I can only dream...

Anonymous said...

Exciting times - congratulations on your new offices :-)

Don't forget to have some chill out time too.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get out and do more than just sit with my laptop. It's hard when the weather is bad but seems to be getting better and brighter now.