Friday, 28 August 2009

Bank holiday preparations

It is August bank holiday weekend. One of the busiest of the Lake District's year. All the hotels and bed and breakfasts will be fully booked. Caravan and camping sites will be full to bursting. If the weather ( howls of laughter) forecasts are good or reasonable a lot of people will decide to come for a day out. The traffic will start getting even busier from lunchtime as tourists and visitors pour in endlessly. It is already busy because many people are already here.
It is the last hurrah for many people- the schools go back next week. All the little darlings will have to go home to iron their school socks ready for the start of the school term. So they will make the most of these last few days of freedom.
Yes- there is real buzz about the place.
And there is a real buzz in the microcosm of Lakeland Jo. I am off for a pedicure this morning after a busy two days work in the North East. I am then shopping ready for the weekend, and for the dinner I am cooking for friends tonight. Tomorrow and Monday it is CARTMEL RACES.
We are members of the race course and love to go as much as we can. There are only a few meetings a year, but they are a real treat. Cartmel is a beautiful village, and the race course is a delight. It is particularly enjoyable when the weather is nice. It doesn't have to be hot or even sunny, BUT DRY WOULD BE NICE PLEASE!!
Teenager comes along with a friend to hang out with, and our friend M ( also a member) comes to stay with us and join in the betting. We always have a jolly time- lovely picnics,and much amusement choosing our horses. Much excitement when we win too.

Back to dinner tonight.... this is an annual bet based on whether Bolton or Newcastle United come higher in the premiership. One of our friends is a Bolton supporter ( poor man). 2006/7 I won ( or rather NUFC came higher in the league) and had dinner cooked for me by him. 2008/9 Newcastle United were relegated, and Bolton stayed in the premiership. So I am getting round to cooking for him tonight. Steak chips and english mustard has been requested, and I intend to make a homemade pudding. Not sure what.

I am hoping he will be fairly subdued. NUFC are doing brilliantly thus far in the championship, Bolton are doing horribly in the premiership. A glimmer of hope perhaps? ( I am sure he will point out that comparing the leagues is like comparing apples and oranges but...)

In the middle of all the preparations, the spare bedroom furniture fitter should be finishing today, ready for our guest coming tomorrow. I am so excited about getting it all finished. We need to get it decorated and re-carpetted next week, completely ready for our Australian exchange visitor who arrives on September 19th.

Hope your holiday weekend is everything you plan for. Enjoy!


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, sounds like an exciting weekend, and you'll even be cooking.

Our last summer holiday weekend is Labor Day, which falls on September 7th, this year. Lots of tourists come to our town for that as well, as it's a beautiful river town and people love to boat and tube down the river, etc.

Enjoy your weekend, Jo.



Busy Bee Suz said...

looks like a lovely weekend coming up..I hope your weather DOES hold out and stay nice.
How exciting about your exchange student!!