Friday, 21 August 2009

The raccoon

When we stayed at Wildwood Manor in the San Juan Islands, we saw a raccoon in the garden one evening. This photos was taken by our good friend S who is a great photographer ( and a great cook while we are on the subject of talents). Anyway.... I digress.
We don't have raccoons over here in the UK, so they are rather fascinating creatures to us. I know that those of you who do have them think of them as a menace, but this one is rather cute don't you think? I suppose if he was raking through my bins I wouldn't be so happy would I?

It's been a funny old week in the land of Lakeland Jo. Had a brilliant trip to Newcastle to see the Toon beat Sheffield Wednesday. One nil, another goal by the brilliant Shola, and lots of happy fans. Even to my untrained eye, the football appeared to be rather ugly and untidy, but a win is a win. Loved being away with teenager- we had a great time as ever. And Man Utd losing to Burnley on the same night? Priceless ( other half was pretty unhappy I have to say).

Lots of techical stuff has been going wrong this week. Mum's tv had a hissy fit one night, our new sky remote is being a pain, my computer cursor has been acting up. I lost a ring ( which I got in San Fran Cisco) and an ear-ring went down the sink. Do you ever have frustrating weeks like this? And the weather? Over here in the lakes....don't get me started. Rain Rain and more Rain. Wish I had been born a duck.


Clippy Mat said...

raccoons are cute tho' they are a bit of an urban nuisance. still we enjoy seeing them when they are around, but just don't want them nesting in the roof etc. they eat from the garbage cans if they get the chance and don't turn a hair when you try to shoo them away. cheeky things. :-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sorry you are having technical issues and jewelry losses to boot.
we have racoons. they never bother my garbage though, but do enjoy nibbling in my compost pot!!! I do think they are cute. ;0

Jan Blawat said...

I live in a rural area near a river. We have so many raccoons they fight each other over who gets to break into the chicken yard and maim our birds. I love wildlife, but I really don't like raccoons. That's a nice picture, but how was it taken in daylight? Our raccoons only come out at night.

Granny on the Web said...

He does look cute, but like most wild cuties can leave havoc in his wake. We have to keep a watching eye on our wheelie bins, and make sure the lids are shut tight as the foxes and badgers can soon rummage everything out overnight. We get quite a few odd boots and shoes left around the garden, from neighbours houses where they must leave them in a porch or somewhere like that.
Technical stuff has a habit of going wrong all at the same time, as you are finding. No one has ever been able to explain if there is a specific 'bug' that infects from one to another... and earring loss is a it like sock loss, one goes never to be seen again.
love Granny

Polergirl said...

Love the picture :-)

You live in one of my favourite parts of the UK, but unfotunately also one of the wettest. Sigh, why is there always a downside to good things???

Debby said...

Aye-yi. I'm putting together an article on rabies. It was a raccoon, and he roamed around for several days, at a nursing home, at a 911 call center, pretty much making a name for himself before he was killed and tested.