Saturday, 22 August 2009


It is fair to say that I do not bake very often. Why is this? There are various reasons. First of all, I try not to have too many fattening temptations in the house, and anything home baked is so demolishable isn't it?
Secondly, that old chestnut, time. Especially when we have a lot of work on, it isn't a priority.
Thirdly, I don't have all the kit and if I did I just don't know where to store it. I am sure if I was a fanatic, I would have the kit and I would find the time.... but..
And really, I am just not in the habit of it.

But tonight we are going out for dinner at our friends' house. I have been asked to do a pudding. Instead of diving for M and S, I decided to make a lemon drizzle cake. I am going to serve it with a lovely fresh fruit salad, meringues and cream. I can have a tiny bit of cake, and lots of fruit salad. One of the girls going is making tequila ice cream... should go well with cake I hope.

Hope it turns out well. Tomorrow I am making a spiced apple pie ( an American recipe from a Williams and Sonoma recipe book I got from Orlando) for the boys. I am in the mood to doesn't happen often but the boys love it when I am.


Anonymous said...

Yum, sounds delicious! Cake and ice-cream - 2 of my favourite things!!! (Along with fruit - especially pears ;-) )

Busy Bee Suz said...

That dessert sounds great. I also don't bake much...too tempting for me!!

karengberger said...

Please post recipes if you have time...and enjoy each bite. They say that the taste sensation is all in the first two bites, but I have trouble remembering that tidbit of wisdom, when in the throes of a great dessert experience. I love sweets, and love to bake (more than cook), but I don't do it often, for the same reason that you posted first: too much temptation.

jinksy said...

Yum - apple pie? Yes please...

Renie Burghardt said...

Mmm, lemon drizzle cake sounds delish. I'm sure you'll be good and stick to a sliver of cake and some fruit salad. But that tequila ice cream sounds a bit too good to resist. Haha.



Diane@Diane's Place said... all sounds yummy to me! I'll be having a fresh picked peach for my dessert in a bit, courtesy of my in law's peach tree.

I love apple pie and Jessica made my recipe about 5 years ago to win a blue ribbon for best pie in our town's little harvest festival. She won over several seasoned cooks, which was a big upset for some! ;o)

Glad you enjoy my blogs and recipes.

Enjoy what's left of your Sunday.



Bragger said...

It sounds delicious. I try not to do ANYTHING in the kitchen anymore than absolutely necessary. For a "potluck" at school on Friday, I took.......chips and salsa. NOT homemade.

Clippy Mat said...

well done missus. a right domestic goddess in the kitchen. :-)

Caroline said...

Oooh, lovely! My lovely friend Becky came round the other day with a homemade lemon drizzle cake for my birthday - it was delicious. I'm hopeless at baking (not enough practice) - like you, often try to avoid it so I don't eat too much of it!