Monday, 10 August 2009

Bumpkin Bears

I have been having a restful potter round blogland this morning and found a rather lovely blog called Bumpkin Bears. I love bears- always did. My mum, I am sure, is relieved that I am now far too old to get them as treats like I did when I was a kid.I used to see one and go green with desire! I still have a few and currently a Koala bear ( bought by teenager in Oz) lives on top of our bed. I took him into hospital for cheering up purposes and found he was a great ice breaker with other patients who just loved him. I also gave him to people when they were in pain- is seem to comfort them. One lady sat and held him all night when she was having a bad time. I am glad I took him along.

Anyway, back to Bumpkin Bears. The writer has recently to Hill Top in Sawrey which is opposite to where we live, across the lake. The photos are lovely- have a look!

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