Monday, 10 August 2009

Just one more.... post then I promise it will be out my system... for now anyway...

So figure this out. A ward full of people with digestive problems, or people in pain with little appetite...

So on the menu one night: chicken curry or cheese and onion sandwiches ( on white processed bread).
Offered to me on my first fat free night: meat and potato pie or cheese jacket potato. Followed by: jam sponge and custard or semolina. Fresh fruit salad out of stock. After stalemate the nurse went hunting in the hospital kitchen and returned with vegetable chilli which was as low fat as it was going to get.

Interesting dietary planning don't you think?

and finally on the subject of toast. They are no longer able to provide it for breakfast because of... wait for it....wait for it

Health and Safety reasons. Help me out here folks?


Tracey said...

Toast a health and safety issue!!?? maybe the toast makers are a still not quite awake when they use the toaster and it could pop up and smash them in the face?

i've heard it all now hahaha
Oh thanks for popping by my blog by the way xx

Clippy Mat said...

that's ridiculous. the menu choices for those with digestive problems AND the lack of toast! crazy.
glad you're home. :-)

Renie Burghardt said...

We have the same thing going in hospitals in the US. The hospital food is terrible and does not consider the patient at all. When I was in the hospital in December of 2005 (broke my hip) it was on record that I was a diabetic, yet I got nothing but unhealthy crap (xcuse my language) the whole 3 days I was in there. I had my son bring me salads and grilled chicken breast from home, or I would have starved.

Are you at home now? I hope you're feeling much better!



Gill - That British Woman said...

I am sitting here shaking my wonder no one wants to stay in hospital nowadays!! My step mum had a new hip put in last Thursday afternoon, she was home by Sunday afternoon, couldn't wait to escape!!

Gill in Canada

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, I would've died there! dairy galore. But I'm glad they kept you safe from the toast. ;) Oh, dear.

Loopin said...

Interestingly over-cautious approach at the hosp you were at then! My one and only hospital stay included toast offered for breakfast. And I thought it was tough Northerners vs Southern softies. Clearly not so in the health service!

My hospital has a menu with all the food marked with info to help you make informed choices (low salt, low fat, high cal etc). I thought the choices were pretty good, but it's clear that food is a postcode lottery even if strides are being made on the medicines and medical treatment front.

The diet options you were offered clearly demonstrate a lack of (cliche alert) joined up thinking. Whoever is catering doesn't realise that diet has to be part of the treatment, not undo all the good work done by the treatment the docs prescribe! Barmy or what? So ironic given the ward you were on, too.

Glad you are home again and able to meet your dietary requirements rather than fighting against the hospital offerings.

Jan Blawat said...

When I was in the hospital (in the US) to have my gallbladder out the next day, they tried to feed me pork chops, potatoes and gravy. I called the nurse and said, "I can't eat this, I have gallbladder disease." She said, "well, you're having it out tomorrow, what do you care?" Obviously she'd never spent a night doubled over in pain because of a fatty dinner. The most remarkable thing about health "care" sometimes is that we all survive it.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Get rid of that gallbladder and never look back.