Sunday, 23 November 2008

Amsterdam part two

I am trying to give the impression that I was truly immersed in the Dutch lifestyle and culture. Truth is I arrived at Schipol airport, went to the hotel on the shuttle bus, stayed in the ( lovely) hotel from Tuesday evening til Thursday evening, and came back home. Such is the glamour ( not) of international business travel.

It's a long time since I travelled abroad on business. I forgot how stressful it is. I don't miss it. I don't plan to do a lot more of it. Don't mind going with other half abroad for business as long as it means I can swan around site- seeing and hanging out at the hotel pool/ spa. At the moment, we don't have a lot of business travel overseas on the horizon though. Suits me.

Travelling is for holidays in my book, and I can happily stick with that. The furthest I will get on business before the year is out is Newcastle. Suits me!

The conference ( Insights ) was really enjoyable. I spoke for an hour on both days and had a good time at both sessions. The delegates were enthusiastic and supportive, and I had to remember that I was talking to people from many different countries ( no Geordie colloquialisms at this event). It was good to meet new like minded people, and to have a laugh with old friends.

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Janet said...

I have a friend in England who travels a lot on business. It all sounds very glamorous, but he rarely sees anything other than the office, the hotel, and the airport. It sounds like it was the same for you.

I loathe flying, and if I have to do it, it had better be for a holiday. :-)

Anyway, it's good that you have found your way back to the blogosphere, you've been missed.