Saturday, 1 November 2008

Spooks and Ghouls- a dead night

Have to admit being a bit disappointed last night. There has been such a build up all week to Halloween, and so many promises of fireworks too ( much as I hate them, I love bonfires). We booked a meal out at the local pub last night and expected much festivity. The pub (which is usually packed out) was dead quiet ( excuse the pun) and there was a singer on who made every song sound the same ( three cords on the guitar etc). He did the Eagles, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen and it was indistinguishable! He was very keen and well meaning though, bless him
The only sign of Halloween life other than the decorations ( see pictures taken by teenager!) was the pumpkin and garlic soup.

In desperation teenager asked if we could have drive round to see if there was 'anything going on'. We saw- nothing. It was so quiet. Suddenly- one firework, and then nothing more. I read during the week that if you want to buy fireworks here in Northern Ireland you have to have a licence. That seems fair enough- until you discover that they cost £30 each! Aggh! No wonder folk are put off....

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