Sunday, 23 November 2008

What a shame!

Cape Cod Memories

I sometimes look at the Blogs of Note. There is lovely one on there just now called Cape Cod Memories and the photos are great. I was sad to see that they have removed their comments facility because of the negativity of the comments they have received. I can't see what there is to be unpleasant about.

I have never had a nasty comment on my blog. I have had some unwanted advertising 'comments' dressed up as ordinary bloggers ( hence the comments moderation) but nothing spiteful.

How about anyone else?


Gill - That British Woman said...

I use the comment moderation as its not worth the grief of reading hateful comments. This way people think twice about posting nasty things.

Also I think if you stick to general subjects and avoid politics and religion, I think that helps.


Anonymous said...

Love to Jo's blog! Guess what, my thesis is done! Hurraaaay. And guess who made the dedication page. :D Let me know when you're in town to celebrate!