Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Costa's in Bowness and a lovely day!

You will find me in this building quite a bit. It is a picture of the Costa's ( coffee shop chain) in Bowness in Windermere.

I meet up with pals here, teenager and I pop in for a hot chocolate, other half and I hang out here and chat about business ideas, mum and I get together over a cappucino. It's bright and comfortable, and the staff don't mind how long you hang out. There is free internet access too. All in all, its pretty good. In the summer there is outside seating .... ( what summer? what sun?).

In fact, I was there today. I met up with my pals A and D and we chatted about teenagers and school stuff. I had my favourite : medium sized skinny cappucino. It was the start of nice day. After Costa's, I went to meet up with a colleague of ours for a couple of hours at his house ( he put a real fire on for me - bless him- wonderful man) . I then went to lunch with my mum in a local country house hotel ( real fires, lovely views, nice food) and then I came home and had a rest!

A couple of wonderful customers put good orders in, and I finished the day hearing about teenager's brilliant science test scores ( he gets his talent in this from my dad- he was a science teacher- must be genetic- but is skipped a generation....).

All in all it was a great day- and the weather was grand!


Gill - That British Woman said...

I have been in a Costa's I think it was in Carlisle? Can't remember it was at the outlet Mall at Gretna, I had hot chocolate!!


Clippy Mat said...

ah i almost feel sorry for you. looks like you had a really tough day.
jealous! ;-))