Monday, 10 November 2008

one of those days....?

I got this cheery cat cartoon from Blogsgrab.

It sums up yesterday.

If I tell you that I was in bed last night at ten having consumed red wine and a glass of whiskey and ginger you may get an idea of where I am heading.

Nothing terrible happened...just an accumulation of horrible bits and pieces.

Having had a busy week last week, Saturday was busy but jolly too. We went to the Holker Hall winter fair. It was lovely but very wet. We got there early ( with everyone else it turns out- what recession?) and I did well with the Christmas shopping.

After getting teenager ( more) trainers for school ( when will he stop growing?) we went to a bonfire party. I hate fireworks ( hate them!) and it was pouring, so I stayed in the house ( fabulous with the most wonderful real fire in a huge fireplace) and snuggled into the sofa in the warm. ( everyone else in the wet and wind getting soaked - I am happy to be wimp).

Drove back in the rain and wind, and woke up the next morning in the same rain and wind. Off to rugby via a serious accident, a wide load hold up and a delay caused by a huge of cows off to milking. Teenager played rugby in wind hail and pouring rain ( they won 33-15 hurray) and was a mud monster afterwards.

The clean up operation on our return home took over thirty minutes - and this included the stress of finding out that the gum guard ( cost £30) was left in the shorts in the washing machine. Less said the better.

I struggle to get ready for a week away in the North East (other half in London over weekend at the NLP conference) and find I have lost a major document which I needed to print out. By now- my usually low blood pressure was rising by the second, and the air was blue.

I drop teenager off at his pals ( James Bond film and a roast chicken dinner) for a sleepover and I set off ( in the wind,rain and hail, and pitch black) to Corbridge. Mum and I arrived around half six and were in the pub at seven. Things started to look up by then.

Today, after eight hours sleep ( and the calm tones of other half telling me he knows where the document is!), the sun is shining ( a bit anyway) and I feel a lot better.


Renie Burghardt said...

Sounds like you had quite a hectic and very wet day, Jo. I am glad you are feeling rested and relaxed today, with sunshine to boot! Enjoy it.


Expat mum said...

Oh good. That is the most highly strung looking cat I've ever seen.

Clippy Mat said...

all problems can be solved after a glass of whatever is your poison. red wine would be my choice too.

Janet said...

I love the cat, though I have to say, I think I'm having one of those fortnights!

I agree that things always look better through glass :-) I'm glad your day/week is improving.

BTW, I like your new look blog.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am pooped just reading that post!!!