Monday, 3 November 2008

Obafemi Martins and two goals

The Toon Army have moved six places up the table tonight and are now 14th. They scored two goals against the much fancied Aston Villa. Both goals scored by the wonderful Oba Martins who is loved as much for his celebration gymnastics as he is for his goal-scoring. It is wonderful to see them start to win again.

Our friend Chris is a great fan of Bolton Wanderers. We have great fun bantering about football all season. I am delighted to say that they are back in the relegation zone. This is mainly because he has to cook for us if the Toon finish higher in the table. Looking good at the moment....


Clippy Mat said...

well it certainly cheered up the males in this family.
haven't seen them smile while watching the toon play for quite some time.

Lakeland Jo said...

There hasnt been a lot to smile about but there appears to be hope