Sunday, 23 November 2008

I got this list from Moments from Suburbia, a new blog I found on Hadriana's treasures.

I challenge any of my fellow bloggers to take part!

1. Where is your mobile phone? On table-needs charging!

2. Your significant other? Asleep- it's early

3. Your hair? Blond

4.Your mother? Wonderful lady and my great friend. We laugh lots

5. Your father? Died 2001. I loved him dearly and it was a profound loss.

6. Your favorite thing? My family

7. Your dream last night? None- too tired!

8. Your favorite drink? Coffee and white wine

9. Your dream/goal? To stay in good health

10. The room you're in? Warm and bright. There is snow outside the window

11. Your fear? Reverse of 9

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here would be fine- I love it.

13. Where were you last night? At our friends' house having a lovely meal and a good laugh

14. What you're not? A supporter of Gordon Brown

15. Muffins? bacon ( I am talking about the savoury bread ones)

16. One of your wish list items? A holiday in New York at the Four Seasons

17. Where you grew up? North Tyneside. Howay the lads.

18. The last thing you did? Have a cup of tea

19. What are you wearing? Dressing gown

20. Your TV? Has Sunday morning Match of the Day on it

21. Your pet? None. We travel too much

22. Your computer? vital - a small and very light laptop

23. Your life? Varied, interesting, challenging and a bit hectic at times

24. Your mood? optimistic

25. Missing someone? My dad. Every day.

26. Your car? Large and comfortable. It is a work horse

27. Something you're not wearing? ear-rings ( yet)

28. Favourite Store? Selfridges

29. Your summer? What's that?

30. Your favourite color? Gold

31. When is the last time you laughed? Today- at Clippy Mat's blog

32. Last time you cried? Nearly on Thursday- trying to get a suitcase closed, and over the Baby P case on the news. Depressing and heart wrenching.


The Dotterel said...

Coffee and white wine sounds an interesting cocktail!

Suburbia said...

Thanks so much for your visit. I see you couldn't run to the challenge of one word answers!!!

Clippy Mat said...

ahh bless.
you laughed at my blog.
that made my day.
i blog in my dressing gown too.
it's like a uniform.
i like white wine, but not in coffee.
i prefer red
also not in coffee.
howay the lads

Lakeland Jo said...

sigh. I missed the instructions for one work answers. I am challenged every time when reading instructions- I skip vital details.

I should have known the coffee AND white wine would cause controversy. I couldnt choose which one to have!

Renie Burghardt said...

Haha, Jo, funny comment!

I enjoyed your answers very much. I want to go to New York City as well, and soon.

I am sorry I haven't had much time for visiting. My family is arriving in two hours and will be here until Friday. So I won't be doing much visiting again. I did enjoy your Amsterdam trip. You do a lot of travelling, you lucky lady.

Have a great week!


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Hi Jo - found you on Gill - That British Woman - thought I'd pop over. Interesting list and answers! I'll look in again if that's OK.