Thursday, 13 November 2008

Check it out- Alice Walker and her letter to Obama

My great friend M has posted Alice Walker's letter to Obama on her blog and it really is worth a read ( as is all her stuff in fact).

You can get M's blog information down below on my blog list or click this link.

I am having a busy week but as per yesterday's post I had the afternoon off. Nice Italian lunch, shopping in the wonderful Corbridge village ( great shops, lovely atmosphere) and a peep in the always quiet Hexham M and S store. Got a ton of Christmas gifts and feel pleased with myself.

Today I am off to the very much busier Eldon Square in Newcastle City Centre. First though I have meetings to go to so over and out!


Janet said...

That was a very moving letter. I was delighted when Obama was elected. Not being a citizen, I can't vote, but for once, Americans made the right choice.

Kentucky Dreamer said...

Thanks for that. I followed your link. It was excellent.