Monday, 12 January 2009

The counter is dead, long live the next counter

Thanks for all the feedback on my old counter. I have tried to re-load but the same problems kept re-occurring so I have deleted the whole thing.

Tomorrow, when I am having a better time with technology in general ,I will have another go at re-loading a new counter.

Not wishing to moan, but I thought I would list the problems I am having on technology and gadgetry in general at the moment. Is it something in the stars? Sigh

1. My laptop is still not fully recovered from the virus. I have permanently lost things, and my new firewall is too keen ( i.e: obstructive and time consuming!).

2. My mobile ( which I can't upgrade til end Feb ) has problems with the volume. Folk can hardly hear me speak ( it's a first). I need to send it away but the retailer I bought it from has no spare handsets and the sim card won't work in any other phone other than Motorola apparently.

3. My car is making a hideous noise: something to do with suspension springs requiring oil. Apparently it will take some big stripping down of the car affair which they can't do til next Wednesday. It is safe to drive but the noise gets some interesting stares from passers by. It stops making the noise once the car is going in a straight line over sixty miles an hour. Good to know.

4. My beloved IPOD ( bought when they first came out and probably a museum piece now, has stopped working completely). No audio books in the car, no restful hypno recordings to soothe the troubled mind, no music in the kitchen.

5. The tumble drier door has broken. Every time we need to get into it, another broken nail and bruised finger.


Thinking of taking holy orders. I wonder if they will have me?


Marjie said...

One of the front suspension springs broke on my daughter's car 2 weeks ago. It took a week to get the part and cost $300, and the car was immobilized during that time, so be very happy that you just have squeaking!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, dear, sorry for all the problems, Jo. But I see a spiffy new counter up, and it seems to be working well! So you have that problem solved. Good for you.



Lindsay said...

I sometimes wonder if we would be better off without all this technology! Being of a "wrinkly" age I can remember times without computers, mobiles, ipods etc and I think we were much happier! I am not so old to remember times before cars!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gadgets do seem to break all at once, our microwave has stopped turning & keeps burning bits of food - I am touching wood that nothing else goes. It may be time to get a new ipod - my husband managed to fix my original pink ipod mini with bits off ebay - I was gutted I wanted a shiny new one! I got revenge by passing it on to him when I got my shiny all singing & dancing ipod touch!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

You are miles in front of me.
counters brother in law set it up. sometimes works, sometimes doesnt
laptop havent got one
computer fill it up and usually have to buy another
mobile phone havent got one. cant work one
motorhome new, leaks, have dented it, badly

i pod havent got one and dont really know what they do
bank card wife wont let me have one as I lose them

Guess i shouldnt be allowed out on my own

Jess said...

sorry about all your troubles... you sound like me lately... sigh..

Hope the rest of the week shows much improvement!

Love, Jess

Anonymous said...

Tis Murphy's Law. Just ride the wave to calmer waters x

Janet said...

Sorry to hear of all your gadgetry/car problems. And it's funny you should mention it, but there is something in the stars right now.

Mercury, the planet which governs commerce, communications, education, and travel/transport, is retrograde right now, and can cause all sorts ofproblems in these areas.

Just thought you'd like to
know. :-)