Thursday, 15 January 2009

a new counter

I have installed a new counter. I was up to 2500 hits when the other one died on me. So I start again- sigh sigh.
I hope it gets up to lots and lots of hits again soon, and hope this one stays the course!!


Anonymous said...

If you get a counter from neocounter it should pick up the hits you already have on your countries counter as they are from the same set of stats? At least you wouldn't lose these ones (750+)?

Clippy Mat said...

You can start your new counter from the number you want, no need to start from scratch again.

when i first installed mine i aligned the number to the same number as my viewer profile which was about 600 at the time. :-))

Gill - That British Woman said...

I find the counter thing makes me obsessive, if I don't get a lot of people visiting I worry, if I do I'm all happy, there is no happy medium!!!

By the way I am averaging 168 seperate people visiting my blog everyday, which I don't think is too bad?


Lakeland Jo said...

I cant seem to get my new counter let me add my other hits...sigh. I will perservere.

Gill- I Love to see my counter moving up.I think I get about sixty hits a day, and more if I am being prolific!!