Thursday, 15 January 2009

sleepless in ......Darlington

Never again for this hotel, even if the staff are lovely. Last night I booked in here last minute after a meeting. I was put in the annex in a cottage room. I was happy with this because I was told 'it is a big room, and nice and quiet'.


  • The heating is broken. The radiators are dead. The porter came over to 'bleed' the radiators ( foul description) but no joy. Since I had unpacked I decided to put up with the heater they gave me which has as much heat as a cat's breath. Slightly more heat than the hairdryer though- if you blow on your hair it would dry quicker!! I don't like hot rooms, but no heating? And guess what- the temperature was below freezing. Sigh.
  • There was no tv remote. Another trip for the sweet natured porter.
  • The best had yet to come. At midnight the man upstairs came in to his room and it sounded like a football match being played on the floorboards. After a long talk with someone on the phone at what seemed like the top of his voice, he proceeded to wander around the room. At three am he was still at it. Why do people wander around all night? What are they doing?
  • I was so tired I couldn't be bothered to move to do anything about it, and I doubt there is anything that could be done ( either than move me with all my unpacked stuff to another room...).......
  • Astonishingly, I am now up ( and so is the lovely man upstairs-grrh) and feeling fairly bright. I managed to get a few hours ( earplugs- always in the bag), and tonight I will be in bed by half eight.

Have a great day folks!


Clippy Mat said...

ugh, i can just imagine what that was like.
did you complain and ask for your money back?
hope you get lots of zz's tonight.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh dear, sounds like a bummer of a night, Jo! Hope you sleep better tonight. Have a great day!



Chairman Bill said...

Alighted on your blog and read the first few words of: "The heating is broken. The radiators are dead," and thought it was a new interpretation of WH Auden's poem.


Busy Bee Suz said...

that is terrible....not sure why people wander in the middle of the night either.
a bad nights rest, makes for a looooong day.
take care

Anonymous said...

Not sure exactly how I got here other than I stumbled in having noticed the word Windermere!

I have since read the first posts of the year and a couple of others and now realise that you must be my twin sister!

This is why.

1. Next week I will have a 16 year old son.

2. I am a Newcastle United fan - but not actually a Geordie - I moved to Northumberland with hubby - I'm a Clitheroe girl really.

3. I am very interested in NLP as well as other self help methods.

4. I love my Pandora bracelet (but not for work as it interferes with my keyboard skills!)

5. I once had a wonderful day at Bowness (do they still have swans there?)

6. I could eat Yorkshire puddings all day every day, with gravy, dry , with jam, with syrup, with Marmite.........drooool.

and that's just from the last 6 posts!

Off to read more now!


Lakeland Jo said...

Chairman Bill. Auden is one of my favourite poems so I am rather flattered.

Tismee 2- delighted to have a twin sister. Welcome.

Jan said...

Sorry to hear that you had a bad night, I did too, and I didn't have to contend with all your hotel trauma. Happy Friday.

Jess said...

eww...bad night... and were you not sinning by then! lol

I'm not sure I could have kept my toungue!

Hope today goes better and tonight too!

Love, Jess