Sunday, 18 January 2009


I was going to do this yesterday but it turned out to be busy.

I had a meeting at ten at Costa's to talk about a big work project.

I went to the local soft play ( Quayside kids) with my wonderful friend A and her gorgeous daughter ( who is my mini- me). While she bounced and ran around, we drank tea and had a good chin wag. What a combination: kids happy and getting fit, mums have peace and getting their jaws fit.

I went to buy a new handbag at a local farm shop ( a black Ameri- bag/ shoulder bag- have you heard of them?) with my mum. We had tea and chatted ( more jaw exercises!)

I went to get weighed. My diet started on Wednesday morning. I have lost four pounds. Hurray. It's hard work but at least I can still drink coffee.

I went to a birthday party last night at our good friends D and M. It was very jolly, even though I wasn't drinking or gobbling down the gorgeous buffet and sticky birthday cake. Bright side: you can still enjoy yourself without partaking, and we didn't need a taxi home. I could drive!

So, now that other half and teenager have gone to rugby, I have some peace to do my 'H''s.

Harrods- I could go every day. I would go for a cappucino in the foodhall, laze round the perfumes and cosmetics, lust after the fab handbags and leisure goods, have sushi for lunch, go and shop in the stationery department, have a look at the clothes. And the next day- do it all again.

Harvey Nichols - same again

Hagaan Daaz- pralines and cream. That is why I am on the diet perhaps?

Hearts- valentine's day is coming... and I love heart jewellery.

Husband- I love him to pieces ( even if he does support Man Utd)

Hypnotherapy a cd a day keeps stress at bay

Honey- healing and tasty

Hotel- Four Seasons in Paris. To die for.

Halloween- all that dressing up and fun.

HANDBAGS- my grand passion. For some folks it's shoes, clothes... for me its bags. Favourite brands Louis Vuitton ( but I don't have a bag sadly ....yet...) and Mulberry.

Health- I am so happy and blessed to have mine back, and I thank God every day. Carpe Diem.


Clippy Mat said...

you did the letter H proud. did suz give it to you because i gave you an O. lots more to do then LOL

well done on the weight loss eating sensibly front. i am yet to follow your example....

Janet said...

Well done on avoiding all the tempting treats at the party, you must have a will of iron.

An interesting take on the H's. Unlike you I hate shopping, which is perhaps as well, my nearest mall is 50 miles away.

Renie Burghardt said...

I enjoyed the H's and the O's, but have no time to do this meme at the moment. I love shopping, eating out, or just having coffee. Fortunately, I don't have a weight problem, but I do practice moderation. Well, most of the time. lol.

Have a great week, Jo.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I LOVE your are so funny. I know we could have a jolly good time together....I also would love a LV most likely won't happen. :)
the four seasons???? die for. I have not been there in Paris, but I have been in Palm beach, Costa Rica and Las Vegas...dreamy.
you did good.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

How are you doing this diet and losing 4 pounds so fast? I want to know! Hx