Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hadriana is a treasure

Visit Hadriana's treasures today which will undoubtedly be the best post for 2009 ( I know its only January).
It is about Geordies. Watch the Catherine Tate show clip about the nanny - priceless!
Remember their are only two types of people in this world: Geordies and people who wish they were.
Ower and oot as they say in God's own country.


Clippy Mat said...

thanks for the link to the blog. that was a good clip. good way to start my day.

gan canny hinny.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very cute. But usually I have no idea what you and clippy are talking about. eh?
But I love ya anyway!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Why aye and ta hinny pet!

For Busy Bee Suz...a Geordie translator can be found here. Any potential and would be Geordies can also try their hand at this quiz....good luck! (or) divvt worry yesel man!

1: Who is the Spoilt "child" in Viz?

2: What was often a "Nicky Knack?"
Coal Mine
Fairground Ride
A person in pain?
A boat

3: Where in Newcastle was located the worlds first light bulb factory?
South Gosforth
South Benwell

4: Who started the Newcastle Chronicle and stands proud at the bottom of Westgate Road?
George Stephenson
William McLellan
Joseph Swan
Joseph Cowen

5: Who built St Thomas' church in Newcastles Haymarket?
Harry Clasper
John Dobson
Frank Watt
Benjamin Green

6: Where in Durham is the Miners Hall?
North Road
Redhills Lane

7: What famous name Manufacturers carpets in Durham?
Ian Storey
Hugh Mackay
Gilbert Henderson
Jute Hawthorne

8: In which year did Bishop Aukland play Crook Town at St James' park in the FA Amateur cup with a crowd of over 56,000?

9: In which year did Newcastle Uniteds Milburn stand open?

10: When Newcastle United recorded their highest ever attendance, which famous son returned as a player for the opposition?
Hughie Gallacher
Jackie Milburn
George Robledo
Peter Beardsley

11: In Newcastle what is built on the site of a home of the famous Neville family, Earls of Westmoreland?
The Union Rooms public house
The Literary and Philosophical society
Central Stattion
St Marys Cathedral

12: Where in Northumberland is to be Treetopia?

13: What is a "workie ticket"?
A smug hard-working person
A pint of fine beer
Clocking-in card
An aggravating person

14: By what other name was Hadrian's Wall known?
Scots Wall
Pictish Wall
Antonine Wall
Empire Wall

15: Which Beatles song was written in a Newcastle Hotel?
She Loves You
Hey Jude
Day Tripper

Clippy Mat said...

well, i go to the foot o' the stairs. i got a miserable 15% right in that quiz. mind you, it was geet hard. :-(

Expat mum said...

Widda minute Hadriana - Av gorra few comments. (Sorry Jo - I believe this is called hi-jacking your post, but nivva mind.)

Fog - half the bliddy questions are aboot Dirram, Wot's that all aboot?
Secind - Yi hev to cover the origin of 'workie ticket' to be considad deed cleva.
Thord - Hev yi forgotten about the Roman Waall?
Reet - it's well past me bed time ower heeya.
(We have to stop this otherwise there will be a mutiny of people speaking RP who have just given up altogether.)